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Achieve PCI DSS v4.0 Compliance 

PCI-DSS applies to all entities that store, process and/or transmit cardholder data. In view of newer cyber threats such as Magecart and card skimming, version 4.0 was released on 31 Mar 2022 with additional requirements. All new requirements are mandatory after 31 Mar 2025. 

What is PCI-DSS Compliance? 

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an important set of information security standards designed to ensure that all companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure cardholder data environment (CDE). 

Benefits Of PCI-DSS Compliance

  1. Reduced risks of data breaches of Primary Account Numbers (PAN) which are critical in PCI-DSS
  2. Greater customer confidence
  3. Avoidance of fines and penalties
  4. Compliance to global security standards

Be Compliant with PCI DSS v4.0

Deploy an Automated Technical Solution according to Clause 6.4.2 

Configure a WAF to prevent web-based attacks. WebOrion® Protector will secure your web applications, protecting against the OWASP Top 10 threats, malicious bots, DDoS attacks and more. 

Monitor HTTP Headers For Change and Tamper in Clause 11.6.1 

HTTP headers contain important security settings such as Content Security Policies (CSP), Strict Transport Security (HSTS), X-Content-Type-Options, etc. Monitor these settings proactively 24×7 and be alerted to any unauthorized changes to HTTP Headers. 

Monitor SSL Certificates and Ciphers Used in TLS Encryptions in Clause 4.2.1 

By monitoring SSL certificates, organizations can ensure that their web applications remain secure and reliable and that any SSL-related issues are detected and addressed promptly. 

Monitor Payment Scripts in Clause 6.4.3. 

WebOrion® Monitor will proactively check your payment scripts 24×7 and ensure they are authorized, unmodified and justified. You will be alerted of any changes to the integrity of the payment scripts. 

Get Instant Visibility of Your Web Software Supply Chain and Inventory in Clauses 6.3.2 And 6.4.2 

Your online website may contain 1st party (local to web server or domain), 3rd party (outside organization’s domain) or even 4th party scripts (activated by 3rd party scripts). Any single vulnerability to any of these scripts can severely impact the functionality and look and feel of the website. Get instant visibility and inventory of your critical scripts to ensure minimal risks to your website. 


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