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Cyber Security Solutions for Government Organizations

Cloudsine offers comprehensive cyber security solutions tailored for government organizations and agencies. Our services aid in preventing cyber-attacks, monitoring threats, and ensuring data compliance, whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise. 


Web Defacement 

A defaced website can damage the reputation of government entities, causing the public to lose trust in the government’s ability to protect sensitive information.  

OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities 

Ensure your website is protected from cyber threats, especially the OWASP Top 10, which includes injection, broken authentication, sensitive data exposure, and more. 

Compliance with Regulations 

Stay aligned with different data protection regulations and protocols. 

How Cloudsine can help 

Protect Your Government Website 

Our WebOrion Protector, a Web Application Firewall, protects against the OWASP Top 10 and does a deep inspection of HTTP/HTTPS packets which allows it to prevent many more kinds of web attacks like SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.

Proactively Monitor for Website Changes 

With our WebOrion Monitor, we aim to let you, rather than your visitors, be the first to detect any defacements or ransomware attacks on your website. With early detection, you have more time to fix and remedy the problem, minimizing the reputational damage done. 

Ensure Adherence to Data Privacy Regulations 

Ensure your website meets PDPA, GDPR, and more regulations. 

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Innovative enterprises trust us to provide world-class security for their online presence


WAFs are able to detect and prevent common web application attacks such SQL injections.


A Monitoring mechanism will allow the organization to act quickly before external parties


Organizations need to have an incident response plan in the event of an attack


After the web presence is restored, the organization should once again carry out a security review.

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