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Monitor Your DNS and WHOIS Settings 

Hackers can tamper with your Domain Name System (DNS) and WHOIS settings which will affect the look and feel of the website and possibly redirect customers to the hackers’ site. 

Why Is Monitoring DNS and WHOIS Records Important? 

DNS redirection or hijacking attacks can be used to redirect users to malicious websites. Users may log in to their account believing it is an authentic webpage, allowing cyber attackers to steal sensitive data.

Vulnerabilities can exist on the domain registrar and may allow attackers to alter accounts. Unauthorized access to your domain registrar’s account is serious:

  • Lose ownership of your domain.
  • Attackers can create a website that resembles yours so that users enter their sensitive information.

DNS and WHOIS Monitoring with WebOrion®

Be Alerted to Any Unauthorized Change to Your DNS 

The DNS system plays a critical role in resolving your domain to routable IP addresses for actual TCP/IP connections. For example, could be resolved to Hackers can potentially hijack the DNS servers or resolvers to change the domain name to be resolved to their IP addresses. These changes could have a significant immediate effect depending on TTL settings. 

Watch For Any Expected Changed to The WHOIS Registration of Your Website 

WHOIS is the database that stores the registered users for your web domain including name, contact number and email address. Our WebOrion Monitor can check the ownership and contact information of the domain name for any changes. 

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