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Detect and Prevent API Attacks

With evolving cyber threats and growing attack surfaces, preventing API attacks can be difficult. Choose WebOrion Protector for comprehensive web application protection. 

The Challenge 

Evolving Cyber Threats 

According to the OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks 2023, some top risks include broken authentication, server-side request forgery, security misconfiguration and more. These threats often have severe impact on businesses and can lead to attackers gaining users’ sensitive data, internal services enumeration or DoS.  

Modern Web Applications Increase the Attack Surface 

With modern web applications becoming increasingly complex, the attack surface has gotten larger. This also increases the possibility of vulnerabilities being present.  

How WebOrion Protector Can Help 

Secure new API Attack Surfaces 

Block malicious API requests that do not match specifications and malformed API responses to prevent data breaches and sensitive data exposure.  

Minimize Risk 

Enhance the efficiency of your security team and alleviate their workload by identifying, consolidating, and prioritizing complex risks, such as the OWASP Top 10. 

Automate Response 

Evaluate and address vulnerabilities that render you susceptible to attacks, while also automatically implementing additional protective measures to prevent future breaches. 

Protect Your APIs 

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