Whois Monitoring with WebOrion® Monitor

Cloudsine Team

28 June 2024

5 min read

Have you ever clicked on a website and wondered who owns it? That’s the use of Whois, a public database that has all this information and more:

  • Registered owner name and contact details: This lets you know who owns a particular website.
  • Registration date and expiration date: This helps you understand how long a domain has been active and when it might become available again.
  • Name servers: These are the computers that direct users to the website’s content.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what whois monitoring is and why it’s important.

Understanding Whois Monitoring

Whois monitoring is a powerful tool that tracks changes made to a domain’s whois record, the database containing information like the owner’s name, contact details, and registration date.Whois monitoring tools continuously track the Whois records of specific domains. If any information in the record changes, you’ll receive an instant alert.

Why is Whois Monitoring Important?

Keeping an eye on Whois records might seem like a minor detail, but Whois monitoring offers several significant benefits:

  • Detecting unauthorised changes: By monitoring the whois records closely, companies can verify that no unauthorised changes have been made to their domain ownership details. If there are any changes, companies will be alerted, enabling them to quickly investigate the issue.

  • Compliance requirements: Whois monitoring ensures compliance with regulatory requirements such as ICANN, which mandates that domain name registrants have to ensure that their Whois contact data is accurate throughout the registration period.


How WebOrion® Monitors Whois Records

WebOrion® Monitor offers several features to keep you informed and in control:

Detecting unauthorised changes: WebOrion® Monitor provides real-time alerts whenever there’s a modification to a domain’s Whois record you’re tracking. This allows you to react swiftly and investigate any suspicious activity.

User-friendly Interface: WebOrion® Monitor has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to track domains, view change history, and customise alerts. No technical expertise is required.


In today’s digital landscape, staying informed about domain ownership changes is important. With its real-time alerts and user-friendly interface, WebOrion® Monitor equips you with the tools to stay ahead of the curve.

Ready to experience the power of Whois monitoring for yourself? Book a demo today and see how it can simplify your domain management!