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Protect Against Web Defacement Attacks

Be the first to know of any web defacement attacks. Safeguard your brand reputation and customer trust with WebOrion. 

What is Web Defacement?  

Web defacement is a common type of cyber-attack where hackers compromise the web server and replace a customer’s website with the hacker’s own logo, message or graphic. These attacks often occur through exploitation of vulnerabilities in web servers or stolen user credentials to access the website’s backend. 

A defaced website can lead to data and financial losses and, ultimately, reputation losses. 

Consequences of Web Defacement

Loss of Credibility

Defacement undermines a website’s trustworthiness, affecting its reputation. 

Financial Loss

Businesses may suffer financial losses due to decreased customer trust and potential disruptions in online transactions. 

User Trust Erosion

Defacement erodes user confidence, leading to declining website traffic and engagement. 

Operational Disruptions

Defacement can disrupt normal website operations, causing downtime and affecting critical business processes. 

How can WebOrion Help?

To prevent the negative consequences of web defacement, it is important to put in place a Web Application Firewall (WAF) as your first line of defense, regularly monitor your website for any unauthorized change, and have a response plan in the event of a hack. 

Protect Against Web Defacement 

WebOrion® Protector is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that can add an important layer of security to block out attackers. Do not let your website be defenseless in the internet world. 

Proactively Monitor for Web Defacements 

WebOrion® Monitor will proactively check your website 24×7 and has a unique AI engine that intelligently identifies if the change to your website is a defacement. You get alerted of any unauthorized changes before others are aware of it. 

Be Prepared for Incident Response and Restoration 

More than 50% of defaced sites are re-defacements. Do not just restore your website with backup systems as those could also be vulnerable. Work with us on a robust and graceful measure to respond to incidents and restore your web presence with our Secure Replica technology! 

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