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Upping The Game: Using AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) To Proactively Detect Web Defacements

Learning from >10 years of real web defacement data, our new AI NLP Engine intelligently classifies webpage changes with a defacement confidence score.

Types Of DDos Attacks And Mitigation

Learn how the WebOrion® Suite helps to protect your business against the many different types of DDoS attacks.

Network Firewalls Are NOT Good Enough To Secure Your Website

Network firewall by itself is not good enough to secure your IT. Learn the differences between the types of firewalls, including how they work and their capabilities and shortfalls.

Preventing And Detecting Web Front-End Data Breaches Using Weborion

Learn how WebOrion® Protector can protect against some of OWASP Top 10 security threats.

How WebOrion® Can Act As A Counter-Measure Against Attacks.

Find out more about our product, WebOrion® – an All-In-One Web Security Software Suite can help protect your business website against attacks.

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