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Cyber Security Solutions for Banking and Financial Services 

Ensure the security and reliability of your corporate banking sites and Internet banking applications with our comprehensive web security stack.  


Web Security 

Financial institutions face constant threats to the security of their online banking platforms.  

Regulatory Compliance 

Compliance with regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, MAS TRM, and other information security standards is crucial for financial services firms.  

Web Defacement Attacks 

A defaced website can damage the reputation of financial institutions, causing customers to lose trust in the institution’s ability to protect important personal and financial data. Ultimately, this might lead to a loss of revenue.  

How Cloudsine can help 

Comprehensive Protection Against Threats 

With the WebOrion® web security stack, protect against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and also monitor for defacements and card skimming attacks. By mitigating these risks, we ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your corporate banking sites and Internet banking applications. 

Adherence to Regulations 

WebOrion® Monitor helps you track the inventory of your web software supply chains and ensures compliance with these regulations. By streamlining compliance efforts, we help you avoid costly penalties and maintain trust with customers and regulatory bodies. 

Rapid Recovery and Resilience

In the event of a hack, minimize downtime and service disruptions with WebOrion® Restorer, which restores your web presence in less than a minute. This allows financial institutions to maintain seamless operations and uphold trust. 

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Innovative enterprises trust us to provide world-class security for their online presence


WAFs are able to detect and prevent common web application attacks such SQL injections.


A Monitoring mechanism will allow the organization to act quickly before external parties


Organizations need to have an incident response plan in the event of an attack


After the web presence is restored, the organization should once again carry out a security review.

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