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Improved Website Monitor with Smart Image Hash: A WebOrion® Enhancement

Part 1: Using AI Natural Language Processing to Classify Web Defacements

We will share how we used more than10 years for web defacement data to build an AI NLP model to detect and classify web defacements with more than 90% accuracy. NLP techniques used includes deep learning attention models and TF-IDF techniques.

Part 2: Intelligent Monitoring of Compressed Images on Your Website with Smart Image Hash

One of WebOrion Monitor’s key features is our Content and Integrity engine, where elements of a website are continuously reviewed to detect unauthorised changes. No web detection system is immune to false positives, namely as a result of image compression that is usually performed by Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Tune

Part 3a: WebOrion Threat Insights Q2 2022

In this session, Toby Lim from the WebOrion Team provides coverage on the latest cyber threat insights for Q2 2022

Part 3b: Log4J and WebOrion demonstration

In this session, Lai Sen Hui from the WebOrion Team demonstrates how to deface webpages with the log4shell exploit, and how such incidents can be handled with the WebOrion Monitor and Restorer.

Part 1 : Industry Insights on SingCert Advisory : Protecting Your Websites From Cyber-Attacks

Website attacks remain a key concern among businesses and organizations with an online presence. The threat of web defacement and data breaches may not only lead to a loss of confidential information, but also long-term reputational damage. Gain insights on how to kickstart the discussion of web security within your

Part 2 : Importance of SSL certificates for Web Security by Netrust

Seamless Integration with the WebOrion® API

Discover what is the WebOrion® API and the benefits of integrating the API with various systems such as Content Management Systems like WordPress, and in the coming days, SIEM and SOAR systems. Our simple and easy-to-follow demonstration will also show you how to seamlessly integrate the WebOrion® API with your

Subscribing to WebOrion® Defacement Monitor on AWS Marketplace

We are happy to announce that the WebOrion® Defacement Monitor Cloud SaaS is now available on AWS Marketplace! This opens a new avenue for potential customers and enables customers from all over the world to easily try out and purchase WebOrion Defacement Monitor Cloud SaaS to proactively monitor their website

Enumerate, Secure and Detect changes in DNS records

In this video, we will be sharing with you why your DNS records are important. How an outsider can conduct DNS enumeration to determine the attack surface. What can you do to hide and secure your DNS records. What are some tools WebOrion provide that can detect changes to the

Anyone can enumerate your web server using port scanning tools

In this video, we will discuss how hackers can easily enumerate your web server and potentially find vulnerabilities that they can exploit. It is important to understand how these attacks work so that you can take steps to protect your server and your website. Timestamp: 02:00 ▶️ NMAP (network scanner)

Preventing Web Defacement: A Technical Manager’s Guide to Securing Web Applications

In this video, we’ll be discussing the important topic of preventing web defacement – a type of cyber attack that involves unauthorized alteration of a website’s content or appearance. As a technical manager or CTO, it’s crucial to understand the methods and motivations behind web defacement attacks and take steps

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