WebOrion® Monitor

Proactive Website Monitoring for Every Threat

Experience peace of mind with WebOrion® Monitor, which offers agentless and uninterrupted website monitoring. Detect a wide array of hacks, from defacements to tampering with HTTP headers, javascripts, TLS certificates, and DNS/Whois changes.

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Comprehensive and
AI-Powered Capabilities

Proactive 24x7 Agentless Monitoring

WebOrion® Monitor sets up seamlessly in minutes, eliminating the need for agent installation. It continuously monitors your web pages, ensuring your website’s confidentiality, integrity, and reputation remain intact for your customers and partners.

Platform Agnostic

WebOrion® Monitor supports websites hosted on-premises or in the cloud, across all web technology stacks including popular Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magnolia, Sitefinity, and more.

Automated with Integrated Response

Integrated with WebOrion® Restorer, WebOrion® Monitor facilitates one-touch or automatic failover to a temporary Secure Replica, preserving your online presence and branding effortlessly.

Innovative Engines

WebOrion® Monitor leverages sophisticated and configurable engines, with a highly advanced AI option, meticulously crafted to detect changes caused by web defacement, malicious code, third-party Javascript, malware, and beyond.

Content Analytics

Analyse HTML source code (e.g. page title, links, and frames) to determine if your webpage has been modified.

Automatic Integrity Analytics

Auto-analyse your webpages to identify internal and third-party javascripts, images, and style sheets to check for changes to filenames and contents.

Image Analytics

Select regions of your webpage for visual analysis using image rendering techniques.

Javascript Malware Detection Engine

Check for well-known card skimming and cryptojacking javascripts which may be invisible to regular website visitors.

SSL/DNS/Whois Change Monitoring

Regularly check for any changes to the DNS and Whois configurations of your website.

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Run advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) models that have been trained on over 10 years of web defacement data.

WebOrion® Monitor for any environment

Flexible Deployment Models

Cloud SaaS Subscription

Fast and Easy Deployment
  • Near instantaneous on-boarding with a Cloud SaaS account
  • Highly scalable to support thousands of websites or URLs all over the world
  • Shared hosting provides optimal costing and speed of deployment

VPC or On-Premise

Dedicated to your environment
  • Packaged as a virtual appliance that can operate as a virtual machine (VM) or docker container
  • Can be deployed in any VPC in your public cloud (including AWS, Azure, Google, Huawei, etc)
  • Provides data sovereignty and security settings customized to your environment

High-Level Network Architecture

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