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Accelerate your
journey to the cloud
  • Cloud Strategy & Planning
  • Cloud Transformation &
    Migration Services
  • Managed Cloud Services


Securing your Cloud-Data to,
From and Within the Cloud
  • Secure Architecture & Framework
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Data Protection
  • Detective Controls
  • Cloud Security Solutions


Innovate with new technologies
and advanced cloud services
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Big Data, Machine Learning &
    Artificial Intelligence

Latest Cloud Trends & News

The Serverless Model for the Uninitiated

“Serverless” is a buzzword that is thrown around especially in the cloud industry. For the inexperienced, it may seem intuitive - “server” and “less”. It does not mean having less servers, but it actually refers to lesser (or no) management of servers. Serverless services allow developers to build and run...

Cloudsine | WebOrion® – Technology Alliance Partnership with Netrust Pte Ltd

Cloudsine, the parent company of WebOrion, is pleased to announce the technology alliance partnership with Netrust Pte Ltd. Netrust is an established company since 1997 and is Asia’s first Public Certification Authority (CA) andSingapore’s only commercial IMDA-accredited CA. Cloudsine provides cloud consulting services and offers web defacement detection and response...

WebOrion® Introduces AI NLP for Web Defacement Monitoring

AI technologies have been widely applied to different fields, but have you ever heard of using AI technologies to monitor the defacement of webpages? WebOrion is glad to introduce a new engine to the WebOrion defacement monitoring platform – AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine. This engine analyzes webpage-changes and...

About Us

Cloud, security and innovation have been the DNA of our team since 2012. We have used cloud computing to build and run many secure applications to support enterprise and government customers across Asia Pacific countries including Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, etc. Our cloud experience includes web applications, analytics, serverless architecture, content delivery, deep learning, storage and backup, etc. Our Cloud team is backed up by highly recognized credentials as Cloud Solution Architects, Internet Experts, Security Professionals and Blockchain Developers.

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