WebOrion Security Stack

We deliver a unique web security stack tailored for CISOs, Security Managers, Webmasters and SOC Providers. Our solution secures their critical websites and web applications against various cyber threats with 24×7 agentless monitoring, one-touch restoration, and comprehensive protection with our WAF. Plus, experience accelerated performance with our global Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

  • Proactive 24×7 Agentless Monitoring
  • Platform Independent
  • Near real-time alerts
  • Complete security for all platforms
  • Up-to-date threat intelligence
  • Mitigate DDoS attacks
  • Unique Secure Replica creation
  • Restore frontend web presence in < 1 minute
  • Seamless failover mechanism to Secure Replica
  • Leverage on global network of edge servers
  • Intelligent caching and compression

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Preventing Web Defacement: A Technical Manager’s Guide to Securing Web Applications

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Cloud, security and innovation have been the DNA of our team since 2012. We have used cloud computing to build and run many secure applications to support enterprise and government customers across Asia Pacific countries including Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, etc. Our cloud experience includes web applications, analytics, serverless architecture, content delivery, deep learning, storage and backup, etc. Our Cloud team is backed up by highly recognized credentials as Cloud Solution Architects, Internet Experts, Security Professionals and Blockchain Developers.

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