WebOrion® Restorer

One-click Web Restoration

WebOrion® Restorer allows you to swiftly perform a web restoration using a Secure Replica while you work backend to investigate – all done in a straightforward and effortless way.


How does WebOrion® Restorer
Benefit Your Organisation?

Restore Your Web Presence in <1 Minute

Reduce Your Chances of Re-defacement

Seamlessly Failover to a Secure Replica

Our Unique Features

Patented Secure Replica and Much More

Unique Secure Replica Creation

WebOrion® Restorer uses a patented process to create a Secure Replica that can restore your front-end web presence and prevent the site from being hacked a second time.

Automation Integration with Security Infrastructure

WebOrion® Restorer can be tightly integrated with existing security infrastructure such as DNS, load balancers, CDNs or firewalls. Automation enables a failover within seconds.

Seamless Failover

Redirect live web traffic to WebOrion® Restorer in the unfortunate event that the main web server is compromised. Preserve your web presence while investigations and maintenance for your main web server are being carried out.

High-Level Network Architecture


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