Cloudsine showcases WebOrion to protect cloud-based websites and web applications at 10-11 April AWS Summit 2019


Event Date: 10-11 April 2019
Last Updated: 27 May 2019

The AWS Summit Singapore brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS. Cloudsine was recognized as an AWS Technology Partner and an AWS Consulting Partner last year.

During the Summit, we showcased WebOrion™, an all-in-one web security and performance suite for small businesses and large enterprises. We highlighted the importance of web & cloud security through our WebOrionTM unique Web Security loop as a comprehensive and methodological approach of integrating all the essential security components. Fortifying your website is a continuous and endless process to ensure an adaptive security mechanism to counter new cyber threats that also evolve continuously.

Cloudsine also introduced to more than 10,000 AWS summit attendees our cloud Adopt, Secure, Innovate service offerings and how we help organizations leverage the cloud to accelerate their digital transformation.

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