Cloudsine is excited to partner with SGInnovate New Frontier Event to build up Deep Tech Community

Cloudsine is excited to partner with SGInnovate at the New Frontier event on 10 Apr 2021 to help build up the deeptech community. The New Frontier event is organized by SGInnovate with Guest of Honour, Lawrence Wong (Minister for Education), to promote the growth of the deeptech ecosystem in Singapore...

Cloudsine | WebOrion® Supports the Launch of community-focused AI Security Quarter in Div0 on 31 Mar 2021

AI Security Quarter of Div0 was officially launched on 31 Mar 2021 over virtual Zoom and attended by >50 cybersecurity and AI enthusiasts in Singapore. Cybersecurity and AI are both critically important technologies for the digital future. Attackers are using more automation and AI to help them probe and attack...

WebOrion® launches Javascript Malware Detection Engine (JME)

WebOrion® is pleased to announce the launch of our new Javascript Malware Detection Engine(JME). The JME adds to the powerful capabilities of our WebOrion® Monitor to detect defacements, malicious scripts and other website threats. Today, practically every website uses JavaScript. The power and flexibility of a scripting language embedded within...

AWS CloudGoat and mitigation strategies: Part 5

Part 2 of our own series of articles on CloudGoat and mitigation strategies. This is a step by step breakdown on how to interpret and think like an attacker and also how to go about mitigating the attacks.

AWS CloudGoat and mitigation strategies: Part 4

This is part 4 of the series on AWS Cloudgoat Scenarios and the mitigation strategies series where we explore and see how remote command injection on a web application can be used to compromise the AWS environment.