Cloud Security Seminar – on 4 Sept 19


Event Date: 4 Sept 2019
Last Updated: 10 Sept 2019

Cloudsine is glad to host our very own seminar on the theme of Cloud Security: Myths, New Security Concerns and Mitigations on 4 Sept 2019. Glad to engage and interact with an audience of Singapore and Indonesia customers, resellers and consultants.

At the seminar we shared three important cloud security topics:

1.Top 7 Cloud Security Myths
Our Founder and CEO Matthias Chin has shared about seven cloud security myths which may have hindered enterprise to cloud adoption. Cloud does provide certain new challenges to security but the risks can be managed and mitigated with proper cloud security knowledge. The key is not to let cloud security concerns hinder the growth, agility and innovation potential of cloud.

2. Cloud Security HealthCheck

CloudSine’s Head of DevOps Laird highlighted the shared security cloud model and the importance of continuous security health checks in your cloud environment to help discover and mitigate potential cloud security vulnerabilities.

3. Tech Demo: How a web (in)security can lead to larger public cloud network compromise

Cloudsine’s Associate Solutions Architect Kai Yao demonstrated how New Security Threats including Server Side Request Forgery #SSRF can be lead to compromise your entire cloud environment.

Sincere appreciations and shoutout to #ICE71 for hosting us last minute due to fire evacuation at the original venue.

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