Accelerate your cloud journey with the right strategy and framework

We provide you with business-savvy strategies for migrating your enterprise operations step-by-step to the cloud.
We’re experienced with web apps,content delivery, serverless architecture, storage and backup.

Cloud Strategy & Planning

Cloud Strategy & Planning

Agility takes center stage in the Cloud, the ability to leverage the Cloud for speed, experimentation and innovation are keys for any organization to achieve success.

Our cloud strategy engagements are designed specifically to help you define a cohesive and actionable cloud plan that is aligned with corporate visions and business objectives. Our certified experts are here to partner with you in every phase of your cloud transformation journey so that you can reap the benefits of business agility, lower costs and innovation.

Service Offerings

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap: Design the roadmap to modernize IT with Cloud and build the business case for Cloud Transformation that maximizes shareholder and business value.

Cloud Architecture & Planning: Model your cloud based on best practices that focus on system performance, security, operations, and cost-optimisation.

TCO Analysis & Budgeting: Forecast & budget for cloud costs, Plan cloud costs now, Save money later.

Cloud Transformation & Migration Services

From rebuilding a monolithic application into hundreds of microservices, redesigning traditional models into serverless architectures, decoupling tightly integrated services into loosely coupled components and integrating DevOps to achieve continuous integration and delivery. Our certified experts are well versed in various migration strategies.

We will partner with you to build a long-term, flexible and scalable architecture that will support your business for years to come. Our Cloud Adoption & Migration services help you modernize and migrate applications, build new cloud-based applications, and transform your architecture and infrastructure while moving to a new technology operating model.

Service Offerings

Cloud Migration Services: Re-host your infrastructure on the cloud. Achieve economies of scale and lower operational cost.

Cloud Application Modernization: Re-platform your technology stack into the cloud. Modernize your legacy applications to take advantage of base cloud functionality and cost optimization.

Cloud Native Development: Re-factor your applications on the native architecture of the cloud: Serverless. Eliminate infrastructure management and focus on your core product.

Cloud Transformation & Migration Services
Cloud Connectivity Services

Cloud Connectivity Services

Singtel’s software-defined Data Centre and Cloud Connect (DC Connect) allows enterprises to easily access and seamlessly move their workloads between multiple data centres and various cloud services through a single connection. This enables the enterprises to build a hybrid cloud environment to adopt different cloud services according to their business needs.


  • Seamless interconnectivity between data centres and leading cloud platforms.
  • Centralised management of connected data centres and cloud services from a secure web portal.
  • Greater agility and flexibility with on-demand bandwidth scalability.
  • Cost efficiency with pay-as-you-use model based on monthly contracts and per-hour charges.
  • Consistent network performance with up to 100% service availability.

Managed Cloud Services

Our Manage Cloud Services monitor and manage your cloud environment while you focus on your business. Leverage on our team of experts to maintain day to day operations that are critical to e nsure your cloud runs smoothly and securely. Gain access to reporting tools to provide new insights and optimize your cloud through continuous operational improvements.

Pro-Active Cloud Monitoring
Incident, Change & Event Management
Infrastructure Backups & Vendor Case Management
Assistance & Troubleshooting
Standard Reporting & On-going Service Management

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Benefits

Maximize the effects of Cloud Services: Develop a custom Cloud roadmap that is aligned with your corporate and digital business strategies

Showcase the total business value: Understand and measure the business value and benefits of the Cloud capabilities implemented.

Reduce Risk: Identify and mitigate common problems that affect most Cloud initiatives such as governance, security, compliance, and cost

Accelerate Cloud Adoption: Access to expert guidance and technical knowledge to speed implementation