Case Study: Cloudsine Accelerates Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI)’s Cloud Adoption Journey


Cloudsine Accelerates Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI)’s Cloud Adoption Journey by Providing Data Migration, a Customized File Portal that Integrates with AWS S3 and Cloud Data Security Assurance.


The Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI)is a global team of research, policy and practice experts based in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom, who use their expertise to work with policy makers, practitioners, organisation leaders and funders to effectively use evidence to change lives for the better.

The dataset that is built up by the CEI team in Singapore needs to be securely backed up within a secure, durable, reliable and local repository to ensure easy collaboration among team members.

Cloudsine, a Singapore based cloud consulting and security firm, was engaged as the trusted partner after a competitive evaluation to provide CEI the end-to-end solution for this cloud storage. Cloudsine has deep experience in developing secure AWS web services including Lambda, S3, RDS, ELB, etc.

In this project, the secure data storage platform was a custom web application developed by Cloudsine’s engineering team to meet the needs of the customer. This application is entirely hosted on AWS which allows CEI’s analysts to collaborate and gain access to data in a convenient yet highly secure manner. Cloudsine provided necessary training and assistance to the CEI team to ensure a smooth migration and storage of dataset on the cloud.

Cloudsine Pte Ltd

“As an official AWS Consulting Partner, Cloudsine is pleased to be selected as the trusted partner to work with CEI on their cloud adoption journey.
By working closely with CEI’s team, we were able to clarify various technical and security concerns and to design a solution that assured CEI of the security and reliability of their data for the long term.
The successful implementation allowed CEI analysts to focus on their main tasks and to be more productive in their research work.”

Matthias Chin
Founder and CEO, Cloudsine Pte Ltd

“Cloudsine team has shown professionalism and expertise in their customisation and implementation of this cloud platform. They understood our need for a highly secure cloud storage that needs to be easily accessible to our collaborators. They provided timely assistance, shown themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy team and it has been easy to communicate with them.”
Cheryl Seah
Director, Centre of Evidence and Implementation (CEI)