Azure Sentinel Services

Empower your security ops with next-generation cloud and AI SIEM platform

Introducing Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s new cloud native SIEM (Security Information Event Management) and SOAR (Security Orchestration Automated Response) service reinvented for the modern cloud

Azure Sentinel provides a unified view of on the security posture of your entire enterprise cloud environment as well as making your threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI)

A true cloud native solution, Azure Sentinel eliminates security infrastructure setup and maintenance and elastically scale to meet your security needs while reducing IT costs.

What Azure Sentinel does

Collect data at cloud scale—across all users, devices, applications and infrastructure, both on-premises and in multiple clouds.

Detect previously uncovered threats and minimise false positives using analytics and unparalleled threat intelligence from Microsoft.

Investigate threats with AI and hunt suspicious activities at scale, tapping into decades of cybersecurity work at Microsoft.

Respond to incidents rapidly with built-in orchestration and automation of common tasks.

Benefits of Azure Sentinel


Limitless cloud speed and scale

Azure Sentinel can scale up or down based on the amount of logs collected.
Pay according to the resources you need and never again be limited by the storage capacity required to protect your enterprise.


AI on your side

Focus on finding real threats quickly.
Reduce noise from legitimate events with built-in machine learning and knowledge based on analysing trillions of signals daily.
Accelerate proactive threat hunting with pre-built queries based on years of security experience.


Free Office 365 data import

Connect with data from your Microsoft products in just a few clicks, import Office 365 data for free and analyse and draw correlations to deepen your intelligence.

Already have a SIEM? How Azure Sentinel could help you more


Lower Costs

Make use of Azure’s Cloud infrastructure and simply pay only for the resources you use. Unlike traditional SIEMs, the amount of initial investment is minimal and there are no major replacement costs in the long term.


Security Not Maintenance

Invest your time and effort in security, not infrastructure setup and maintenance with the first cloud-native SIEM from a leading cloud provider.
With Azure Sentinel, you no longer need to worry about SIEM infrastructure setup and maintenance (eg. patching, vendor upgrades, scaling servers) and you can concentrate more on security use cases.


Leading AI By Microsoft

Tap into many decades of cyber security work at Microsoft using Microsoft’s analytics and unparalleled threat intelligence.
Partner with Azure Sentinel to catch the latest threats using Microsoft’s AI.

What we do


Plan your Cloud SIEM migration strategy
Review your existing infrastructure (both on-premise and on cloud), requirements and needs and tailor-fit a design that fits your enterprise environment

Global Scalability

Projection and cost
Projection and cost calculation for estimated monthly/yearly costs based on your needs

Unmatched Agility

Review Log data sources
Analyse and review log data sources for your on-premise and Cloud environments for analytics in Azure Sentinel

Rapid Innovation

Alerts configuration
Create and set up alerts with auto remediation and/or responses


Alerts tuning
Tuning of alerts to improve accuracy and reduce false positives

Agile and Innovative

Develop Playbooks & Logic Apps
Create custom logic apps and playbooks for based on the needs and workflow for your operations and SOC teams

Customer Focus and Excellence

Configure Workbooks
Create workbooks for your operations and SOC teams

Trust and Integrity

Threat Intelligence & Detection
Configuring Threat Intelligence feeds and detection rules


Incident Response & Investigation
Provide expert advise and for incidents and help in your investigations


Threat Hunting
One of the main advantages of SIEMs is the ability to correlate and find threats. We can help you make full use of your Cloud native SIEM in hunting and detecting threats

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