Best Practices to Address Web Defacements

Web defacement is one of the biggest security challenges to any organization that is running online. Web defacement is typically done by hackers who break into a web server and replace the hosted website with one of their own, using techniques such as phishing, code injection, cross site scripting etc. Common targets of defacement are […]

Web Security and Defacement Statistics

Did you know there has been at least 50,000 successful website defacement attacks each month for the past year, or that 55% of successful attacks are actually re-defacements? Web defacement attacks have been rising over the years, with 2015 recording almost a million of such attacks. This one infographic details all the facts you need […]

Business Implications of Web Defacements

Web defacement is often considered a minor form of cyber attack, very much like a petty crime. However, what is the full extent of the impact that it can have on your business? In this article, we take a closer look at some business implications of web defacement, some of which are actually much more […]

The Comprehensive Approach to Securing Websites

No website is an impenetrable fortress. Ad-hoc security measures are not good enough. The integrity and security of official websites are very important because they represent the reputation and trustworthiness of organizations. Incidences of website-attacks may shake the confidence of investors and customers towards that organization. Thus, protecting and preserving corporate websites should be a […]