You can cancel your free trial any time before the free trial period is up, by going to your Account Settings, and clicking “Cancel Subscription” under the “Domain Subscription” subpage.

Trial customers:

If you do not wish to continue your WebOrion® subscription after your free trial period, you may cancel your subscription any time before the trial period is up, and no charges will be made to your credit card. All services will be automatically disabled once the free trial period is up.

Paying customers:

For current paying customers who wish to cancel the subscription, since the charges have been made for the month, we will not be able to refund you for the remaining days in the month. All WebOrion® services will be disabled at the start of the following month.

Please ensure that your domain’s CNAME record is reverted back to the original settings, or otherwise your visitors may face interruptions to your site once your WebOrion® subscription is disabled.