What is the “Screenshot Delay“ setting?

The screenshot delay is a configurable wait time before WebOrion® Monitor takes a screenshot of the web page. This option is ideal for web pages that have a lot of elements and may take some time to load (e.g. video backgrounds).

How does WebOrion® monitor determine if an unauthorised change is made?

Each time WebOrion® Monitor inspects the web page, a screenshot of the page is taken. It compares the screenshot with previously captured screenshots to calculate similarity metrics in terms of a percentage. If the percentage change surpasses the threshold amount, you will be notified via email immediately.

How can I configure the sections of my website to be monitored?

WebOrion® Monitor polls for changes on a per-URL basis, and will be charged according to the number of URLs that you require. You can either configure WebOrion® Monitor to poll for changes on the entire web page, or you may select specific regions on your web page to be monitored instead. This will allow you […]

How does WebOrion® Monitor help to protect my website?

While WebOrion® Protector serves as the first line of defense against many threats and vulnerabilities, WebOrion® Monitor complements it by monitoring your website for any unauthorised changes. This comprehensive approach will ensure that your website remains safe from attacks, and in the rare event that an incident occurs, you will be first to be notified should […]