Will WebOrion® work with my SSL certificate?

Yes. Simply go to CDN & Web Server Settings > SSL Settings, and upload your SSL certificate there. Alternatively, if you choose to use the WebOrion®-managed SSL certificate, you will be provisioned a free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate. Note that WebOrion® Protector web application firewall (WAF) will require your SSL certificate and private key to inspect HTTPS request traffic for […]

How can I configure my domain to point to the WebOrion® network?

You will need to point your domain name to the WebOrion® network, which will be given in the form of a CNAME. This means that you will have to remove or modify the existing A/CNAME record for your domain, and replace it with the given address. For more information, check out the Knowledge Base article on this issue.

What are the requirements for my website to use WebOrion®?

Our only requirement is that you have a domain name. You will have to change your domain DNS settings to point to the WebOrion® network so that you can enjoy all the benefits of WebOrion® Business. WebOrion® is designed to work with almost any website and web platform, and no software or hardware installation is required […]

How does WebOrion® Business work?

WebOrion® Business is an all-in-one web security and performance suite for small businesses and large enterprises alike. By simply making a change to your domain’s DNS settings (usually through your hosting provider) to point your domain to WebOrion®’s globally distributed network, you will be able to enjoy all of WebOrion®’s security and performance-enhancing features. WebOrion® Protector […]