Cloudsine Joins the Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Partner Program

Cloudsine Team

21 May 2024

5 min read

Cloudsine is proud to announce that we’ve been named an Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Partner. Joining the Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Program differentiates Cloudsine as a partner with a product which works on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and is generally available for and fully supports AWS customers. Our flagship product, WebOrion®, is inherently flexible, capable of running on multiple Amazon EC2 Spot instance types, including but not limited to c4.large, m3.large, and m4.large.

What is an Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Partner?

Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Partners allow customers to take advantage of Amazon EC2 Spot, offering savings of up to 90% as compared to on-demand pricing. These partner software products have been reviewed by AWS Solution Architects to ensure Spot best practices are followed and demonstrate proven success with customers

How does this benefit our customers?

Integrating EC2 Spot Instances into our infrastructure allows dynamic scaling and cost optimization. By leveraging spare Amazon EC2 capacity, we achieve significant cost savings for compute-intensive workloads. This integration, combined with On-Demand and Reserved Instances, creates a balanced and cost-effective computing strategy.

Using Spot Fleet and Spot Instances ensures seamless handling of fluctuating workloads, maintaining high availability while minimizing costs. Additionally, the implementation of Spot Instance interruption handling mechanisms enhances fault tolerance and application continuity. Coupled with AWS Auto Scaling, Spot Instance integration enables automatic capacity adjustments based on workload demands, optimizing resource utilization.

Through this strategy, we maintain robust compliance with AWS flexibility requirements, ensuring that our deployment is resilient, cost-effective, and capable of adapting to changes in demand or availability.


Cloudsine is a consulting and technology partner with AWS and has used cloud computing to build and run many secure applications to support enterprise and government customers across Asia Pacific countries including Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, etc.

Achieving the AWS Spot EC2 Service Ready partner showcases Cloudsine’s dedication to delivering a seamless and reliable experience for users utilizing AWS Spot Instances. Spot enables users to fully harness the power of Spot Instances, realizing substantial cost savings, scalable architectures, and optimized workload performance.

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