Cloud Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Service

Ensure your AWS cloud environment is secure and compliant

In Cloud computing, security and compliance is a shared responsibility between the Cloud Provider and their customers.

While the shared responsibility model relieves operational burden, a large part of the responsibility on securing the cloud system still falls on the cloud user.

Why do you need a Cloud Vulnerability Assessment service?

Attackers are no stranger to the public cloud environments

One in four organizations (28%) confirmed they experienced a cloud security incident in the past 12 months.

Source: ISC2 2019 Cloud Security Report.

In Cloud, your configurations are everything

A cloud VA service can detect and help mitigate 3 out of 4 of the biggest Cloud security threats

Source: ISC2 2019 Cloud Security Report.

Unauthorized cloud access 42%
Insecure Interfaces 42%
Misconfiguration 40%
Account Hiijacking 39%

Kickstart your Cloud Security Journey with us!

Visibility for your Cloud Security

Cloud Vulnerability Assessment shows your configurations (or misconfigurations)

Compliance & Standards

Helps and advises on how to achieve continuous compliance using well known compliance standards

Cloud expertise

Supported by our Cloud Security veterans who have been using Cloud for 6 years.

Guidance on security options

Ever feel overwhelmed by the multitude of security options? Fear not, our consultants will guide you and show the most important steps to a secure Cloud environment

1. Start with our Free Basic VA Service
Start with this to quickly establish minimal security controls

2. Cloud Security Essentials
Map out your current cloud environment and get more actionable insights.

What does our Cloud VA service check?

Our Cloud VA service checks your Cloud configuration for any potential misconfigurations using well known and industry standard from the Center of Internet Security (CIS).

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) – Configuration of identity and access management
  • Monitoring – Configuration of cloud metrics filters and alarms
  • Logging – Configuration of account logging features
  • Networking – Configuration of security aspects of your network
  • Data Protection – Configuration of your stored data

Supported Cloud Providers

Cloud Security Basic Cloud Security Essentials
Data Protection
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