Cloud Native SIEM Consultancy

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Cloud Native SIEM Consultancy

Deploying, configuring a Cloud based SIEM like Azure Sentinel is a complicated and time consuming endeavour for any organization.

Our certified experts are here to partner with you in every phase of your Cloud SIEM journey, from migrating your SIEM to the cloud to the deployment process and even assist you with detection, investigation and response to threats.

What we do


Plan your Cloud SIEM migration strategy
Review your existing infrastructure (both on-premise and on cloud), requirements and needs and tailor-fit a design that fits your enterprise environment

Global Scalability

Projection and cost
Projection and cost calculation for estimated monthly/yearly costs based on your needs

Unmatched Agility

Review Log data sources
Analyse and review log data sources for your on-premise and Cloud environments for analytics

Rapid Innovation

Alerts configuration
Create and set up alerts with auto remediation and/or responses


Alerts tuning
Tuning of alerts to improve accuracy and reduce false positives

Agile and Innovative

Custom scripting for your workflow
Create custom scripts based on the needs and workflow for your operations and SOC teams

Trust and Integrity

Incident Response & Investigation
Provide expert advise and for incidents and help in your investigations

Trust and Integrity

Threat Intelligence & Detection
Configuring Threat Intelligence feeds and detection rules


Threat Hunting
One of the main advantages of SIEMs is the ability to correlate and find threats. We can help you make full use of your Cloud native SIEM in hunting and detecting threats